Refund Policy

In order to keep our users satisfied, all plans purchased on the Shitfz platform are eligible for a refund, provided the request meets the refund policy guidelines.


How to request for a refund?
         1. You can directly raise a request for refund, through a mail for the same at Send us a mail explaining your                       issue. Our support team will reach out to you within 48 hours to resolve the issue
         2. Via customer support call at +918181000040 After you’ve submitted your refund request, you will also be sent an email                               confirming that your request has been processed.


Am i eligible for refund?
You are eligible for a refund if:
         1. Your Purchase was made within 14 days.
         2. You have posted at least one job post
         3. Your profile and job posting is verified
         4. You have not received a single application within 7 days of the job posting going live


Frequently Asked Questions
How many times can I request a refund?
You can request a refund only Once per plan.


How much time it will take for a refund to be processed?
Once the request has been validated by our team, we will process your refund immediately. The amount will be credited to your original payment method within 4-5 business days, depending on your bank and payment method.


In what cases Shiftz is not liable for any replacements/recovery/liability?
         1. Employee leaving
         2. Employee misconduct
         3. Employee background verification
         4. Employee criminal activities


What is Shiftz blacklisting policy?
Any company which falls under the following categories is considered blacklisted:
   1. Consultancies
         1. Employers who are hiring for other employers.
         2. Employers who are charging money.
   2. Vulgar Jobs
         1. Employers posting obscene jobs.
         2. Employers posting jobs requiring personal favors.
         3. Employers posting jobs involvement in human trafficking.
         4. Employers posting any religious, sexual, or politically motivated jobs.
         5. Employers posting any cross gender body massage therapists jobs.
   3. MLM Jobs
         1. Employers posting jobs to promote, and sell products.
         2. Employers attract candidates to work on pyramid schemes.
   4. Click Bait Jobs
         1. Employers falsely mention the job details to attract candidates.
         2. Employers spreading misinformation.


When you purchase a plan from Shiftz you automatically agree with the statements listed above and the refund policy.